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Volunteer Info and Perks

Events take a lot of time and energy, but we cannot do it without our amazing team

of volunteers! If you have experience in customer service or with kids and 

would like to join our team and experience WizardFest from behind and in front of the scenes you're in the right place! 

All volunteers are given pins/badges to show that they are working the event. Volunteers must wear a costume that fits the theme,

if you need help putting together or getting a costume please contact Brianna.

 All volunteers must check in and out at Ops before and after their shift.

 All Volunteers who do a 10 hour shift or less may receive discount on admission for the festival.

Every 4 hour shift you get a 20 min break. 

Must be 18+ to be a volunteer, however High School Seniors who need Volunteer Hours in order to fulfill their school's graduation requirements are welcome to apply.

Perks for volunteering:  

  • A four-hour volunteer shift earns you a meal voucher.

  • An Eight-hour volunteer shift earns you a cool small Harry Potter gift, plus a meal voucher.  

  • A ten-hour volunteer shift earns you two meal vouchers, hotel room crash space for Saturday Night. Can be spread out over two days.

  • A sixteen-hour shift earns you three meal vouchers, hotel room space for Saturday night and free admission to Sunday. Can be spread out over two days.

  • A twenty hour shift earns you Saturday night hotel space, a small Harry Potter gift, and 6 meal vouchers. Will be spread out over two days and includes Sunday break down.

Volunteer Duties may include but limited to:

  • Security

  • Information Booth

  • Checking for wristbands

  • Assisting with class set up and clean up

  • Lifting heavy objects

  • Delivering various items to other volunteers or areas of the festival  

  • Interacting with kids

  • Being on feet for multiple hours

  • Helping with various tasks that require extra hands to ensure the festival runs smoothly

If you have any questions about volunteering or volunteer work please email: