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Psychic Readers

New England WizardFest presents the finest Divinations from

Psychics, Mediums , Empaths, Healers and Intuitives,

From all walks of Life.

Trustworthy. Honest. Experienced. Professional.

Psychics will be located in The Grand Ballroom Vendor section and set their own prices for Readings.

Sign up sheets will be available at the table located beside the Duchess Room Door.

Cash is preferred for Readings and there is an ATM located in the Main Lobby of the hotel adjacent to the check in booth for New England WizardFest.

We will have eight Psychics available so check back often as we update this list.

The Stone Lady: Involved in the psychic and metaphysical field since 1976,

Terry Milton is known ‘The Stone Lady’ and ‘the voice of the stones’ because of her passion for stones and the interchangeable nature of stones and people in her psychic readings. Her up-beat, down-to-earth readings are based on parallels, similarities, and synchronicities which exist between human nature and Mother Nature. Let a Stone Reading help you to remember that you, too, are a gem!

The Stone Lady has been a favorite Psychic at Wizard Springtime Market (our Sister Festival) for the past three years.


​​Fafnir & Spawn: Bruce and Rebecca Hoskins (also known as Lord Aiden Fafnir & Spawn) have ventured onto the roads less traveled on their way to becoming established psychics.  They have been performers at Renaissance Faires as both singers and actors for over 15 years and still continue to do so.    Early on, Bruce developed his own unique Renaissance character, Lord Aiden Fafnir.  Rebecca, while growing up at the faires, was nicknamed by the other faire performers as The Spawn of Fafnir.  During this time, Bruce also taught Rebecca the basics of psychic readings and how to interpret the tarot until she discovered and developed her own individual psychic skills.  Naturally, Lord Fafnir & Spawn officially premiered as psychic readers at a Renaissance Faire.  They are now the featured psychics at many of the Renaissance Faires in New England.  As psychics, they perform readings individually, but will team up together for a reading when requested. They will be offering Intuitive Psychic Readings, Tarot and Numerology. Bruce also reads at Oliver's Wands and Wizarding Wares in Maynard, Massachusetts. Fafnir and Spawn have been Psychics at Wizard Springtime Marke,

(our Sister Festival)t for the past three years and are Always in demand.

Charles Grant:International Medium, Psychic, Numerologist, Psychometrist, Past Life Expert

Charles Grant gives uplifting, life-coaching sessions that offer comfort, revive the spirit, help build confidence, and often convey life-changing advice.

Charles is a single father, who often plays the role of the Upbeat Uncle during a session. After more than 30 years of readings, Charles is now a fun, middle-aged single parent, devoted to his child and to improving the world — by helping one person at a time. Imagine a nice, “Dad Next Door,” who just happens to tap spiritual sources for helpful information — and you’ve got Charles, the very understanding friend you can confide in and talk to about anything.

Unlike some readings that can be intimidating, Charles always finds a way to make his sessions supportive and life-affirming and not only comfortable, but comforting. Charles has hosted thousands of readings and would be delighted to offer his counsel to you, whenever you feel compelled to seek it. Taking the mystery out of mysticism, Charles offers grounded advice based on what he receives from Spiritual sources. Charles is the Medium at the annual Dinner With The Dead each October at Welly's Restaurant in Marlborough Ma.