Class Schedule

Here are the planned classes for Wizarding Students Ages 7 and older, who have purchased Student Enrollment Tickets or All Access Passes.

These classes are NOT INCLUDED in General Admission Tickets.

These classes are structured to be easy to follow and interesting for students of all ages.

The sorting time is in parenthesis.

Students who wish to be sorted will be directed to the sorting area.

Students are required to be on time for sorting as their name will only be called Once.

There are three sessions available for enrollment: 

We suggest one session per student.

10 AM Session (9:30 am Sorting)

12 PM Session (11:30 am Sorting)

2 PM Session (1:30 pm Sorting)

See below for the Special Adult only classes scheduled for 3 PM on Saturday, ONLY.

(2:30 pm sorting)


Students are expected to be on time for class.

Because of the time structure and, depending on the Professor, late comers may not be allowed into class, so please plan accordingly.

Being on time for class is a required courtesy for both the Professor and fellow Students.

Class subjects may be changed if necessary.

The Study of The Stars and The Constellations.

The Art of changing the form or appearance of an object.

The Magical Power of Stones and Crystals: Earth Magic.

Magic and Science Combined.





Adult Classes 

Ancient Form of Communication. 

The Magical Power of Stones and Crystals: Earth Magic.

The Art of Tasseomancy.

Magic and Science Combined.

Ancient Runes:




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