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About Us

New England WizardFest is a fan generated, extraordinary event, created right here in Massachusetts to celebrate the Spirit of a boy, "Just Harry", who was destined to be a great Wizard!

It is the Sister event to the Epic Wizard Springtime Market that Sold Out in May!

If YOU are you a Seeker of Magical Things,

then THIS is the place where you belong!

 Grab your wand, hop on your broom and come for a weekend of Wizarding Wonderment!

Doors open at 10 am where we invite you to suspend disbelief and immerse yourself in this Wonderful World of Magic and Mischief!

Take classes!

Enjoy Great Entertainment!

Make New Friends!

Shop our amazing vendors and their Magical wares!

Go home with a new Wand, a Cauldron or even a Spell or Two!


Hone Your skills with Advanced Wizard Training!

Can YOU defeat "The Dark Lord" in our Epic Fantasy Wizard Duel?


A Special *Accio After party for Wizards 21 and older takes place on Saturday night featuring music from New England favorites Draco and The Malfoys

and Wizard Rocker Ashley Trix and The WZRDS!

The Accio Party runs from 6-11 pm and includes a VIP reception

with special themed drinks, bar service, cosplay and more!

New England Wizardfest will be in the hotel itself, NOT the Conference Center.

Please note: We are not associated nor affiliated with Wizardfest Pop Up Events.

*Accio is a Latin term that means to summon.